Install Smart Templates

Smart Templates allow you to save and reuse groups, items, and subitems in any workspace or board. In essence, you can create tasks or processes once to then reuse them as templates everywhere. 

You can install Smart Templates for directly from your board or by visiting our app page on monday’s App Marketplace.

Please follow the instructions below if you’d like to add Smart Templates from your board:

  1. Open any item on your board
  2. Click on the “+” Add View button 
  3. Go to marketplace apps  from the Item Views Center
  4. Type “Smart Templates” in the Search field
  5. Click “Add to item”
  6. Open any sub-item on your board
  7. Repeat steps 2-5

Note: You may need to request your account admin to install the app from the marketplace if you do not have the required permissions.

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